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Your Grumpy Cat


Do you have a grumpy cat? After giving him attention, the majority of pet cats will merely walk away. Others, will nip at your hand or scratch. Why do they do this? You aren’t harming him, just petting him and he liked it, so why is he upset.

Some cats become upset easily. Petting gets them wound and the bite relieves a bit of that stress. Others just never learned that biting is inappropriate behavior. There is no good reason on exactly why some pet cats bite and others do not, but there are some signs you can look for that might prevent you from being bit or scratched.

Watch your cat’s tail. The tail is a signpost of your cats emotions. If the tail is jerking, your cat is getting irritated. Unlike pet dogs, felines do not wag their tails when they are happy, it is just the opposite, when a cat wags her tail, watch out! Watch your cat’s ears. When the ears flatten against the head, your cat is upset. Watch for the ears to start approaching the sides of the head. This is an indication your furry friend is getting agitated. If you are petting him, stop now and you can avoid getting bit.

With pet cats that have a tendency to bite, try to follow what has actually been dubbed the seven stroke guideline. Pet your cat only seven times then stop. This is normally a short enough period that will not excite the cat. Ultimately you can add another stroke and then another, however do it slowly gradually. This will allow your grumpy cat to slowly adjust to being petted.

Just like how some people do not like to be touched, some pet cats are also this way. Knowing the caution signs will help prevent bad feelings between you and your cat.