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Your Cat Has the Flu

Flu in pet cats is due to an upper respiratory infection and can infect cats of any age, but is particularly damaging to your older or younger cat. If you think that your cat has the flu, call your vet to learn how to care for your little friend.

The flu affects cat just like it does a human. Depending on the strain, there are a broad variety of signs and symptoms. Indications that your cat has the flu include redness around the eyes, a runny nose, a fever, loss of hunger, sneezing, and coughing. It is essential to recognize that your cat is sick so that you can take measures to get him well faster.

Your vet cannot cure the flue, but the symptoms can be treated. It is essential for your cat to have plenty of nutrients throughout his illness, so that his weakened state can be restored to good health. Make sure that your cat is eating and drinking, and even a gentle bath may be beneficial. Ask your veterinarian to recommend special foods that he may enjoy eating to keep him nourished. If your cat’s condition worsens, take him to the vet immediately. A stay at an animal hospital could be required to rehydrate him.

There are specific things you can do for prevention. Vaccination for the flu will significantly reduce the seriousness of the flu symptoms in your cat. If you have several cats in your household, you may need to isolate the sick cat, given that this disease spreads rapidly. Use a separate feeding and drinking bowl for your sick cat if you own several and sanitize your hands after feeding him. Veterinarian care is always the first step when your cat is sick and not feeling well.