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Your Aging Cat

Is your cat getting old? Remember that even older humans can be very youthful, while others age early. What is true for us is true for your cat also! Your senior cat might be as active as a young kitty for many of his aging years or may appear ancient and be very inactive. Breeding, his environment, and genetics play a role, however a well-cared for house cat normally lives to be at least seventeen years old and he will be in great for most of these years. There are records of cats living past the age of thirty. Statistics reveal that neutered or spayed cats live longer, because this keeps the cat closer to house and this keeps him away from predators and disease.

As you cat ages, your cats habits and routines may change gradually. Hot or cold may bother him more, he may become more prone to skin infections, his eyesight may worsen and he may suffer from arthritis and stiffness. Your cat could have trouble digesting his food and he may begin to show signs of internal problems. Aging cats suffer the same problems that affect aging humans.

Make sure that you are using a cat food that is formulated for senior or geriatric cats, these are made to meet the nutrition requirements of you older pet. Maintain an excellent diet, and give your cat ample opportunities to exercise. You can do this by scheduling time for playing with your cat on a daily basis. Toys and scratching posts, are fantastic for encouraging your cat to work out. Remember, older felines may spend a good part of the day resting, which is very normal. Talk to or visit your vet if your cat exhibits a rapid change in his daily routine.

Preventative care is very important. Your cat should have regular appointments with the vet to make sure he or she is in good health. Brush your cat’s teeth daily and help your cat to stay groomed as this will avoid skin problems. As cats age, many grow to love being brushed. Monitor your cat for diet changes, changing rest routines, and excessive water usage.

Take care of your aging animal, he will need help as he grows older. If you do, you will find that he will live a long active life and remember that nobody wants to lose their best friend early.