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Trixie Cat Trees and Towers


Trixie Pet Products makes amazing Cat Trees, Cat Condo’s and Cat Towers. This is not a huge surprise because Trixie Pet Products has been a leading supplier of pet products for more than four decades. They are a German company that has grown to be an international leader which has an active presence in more than seventy countries. They have a product line that includes more than 6000 items intended for cats, dogs, birds, snakes and fish.

Trixie Pet Products was started by Bonnik Hansen in the early 1970’s in Flensberg, Germany, then they just continued to grow until now they are a leading producer of pet supplies. The company also is dedicated to animal welfare, helps young families through the Guardian Angel program and Help for Children in Need. Besides being socially active, employees of the company are active in organized sports such as track, football and boat racing. Trixie Pet Products maintains their own photographic studio to ensure that their products are presented with the same pride that goes into their creatrion.  Trixie Pet Products is a success because they put care into what they produce, make sure it is made to the highest standards, always are in touch with their customers and the company gives back to the community. High praise for any company so you will be really pleased with their products.

I really like the Cat tree, condo and tower product line that Trixie Pet Products feature. They don’t just offer the tall towers that many manufacturers focus on but add folding cat condos and low to the floor items that are not so massive. They also feature items for kittens which is missing from many cat trees, cat tower and condo lines that the other suppliers offer.  I also really love the heavy material that their traditional towers are wrapped with. So take a close look at our offerings from Trixie Pet Products, that have a nice selection and you will surely find the right cat tower or condo that your and your cat are looking for.