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The Litter Box

When you have a cat, there are many things that can be wrong with them that may not be obvious. If they suddenly had no energy or are throwing up on your carpets, you would naturally take your pet to the vet. You know to immediately take action if your pet has a seizure. Outside of the obvious, some issues are tougher to discover, one of these is your cats relationship with his litter box.

Most of us clean or change the filling in the litter box every day, but issues can exist event when you are fastidious about this. Taking a closer look at the litter box can make a big difference in the health of your pet. No one wishes to really get close to what is left in the litter box, however for the sake of your pet, this is something you should always look closely at. The excrement of your cat can indicate a clinical problems that are not otherwise obvious. You should also monitor your cats litter box routine for changes even though changes can be difficult to detect.

When an animal is sick, they may leave signs or clues in their litter box. If they are normally good about using the cat litter box, and you unexpectedly notice that they are not, your cat may be sick. They may have an unpleasant urinary infection, or an intestinal blockage. These could be major health issues. They might be avoiding the litter box because they they experience pain when they are using it. If the box appears to be emptier then is usual or you are discovering accidents around your home, call your veterinarian for an appointment and take your cat in for a checkup.

Nobody wants to have a close take a look at a cat’s stool, however looking closely might show that your cat has worms or some other parasite, and your cat could be really sick. These is often apparent if you look in the cat litter box. Worms or other parasites might not be visible at all times, but if you keep an close look on things, they will appear. They are commonly white in color and tiny, and will result in your cat not getting the nourishment that he or she requires. If you suspect there is a problem, take a sample from the cat litter box and take it to your vet for testing. It’s not fun, however it might make a world of difference in the wellness of your little friend.