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The Feral Cat

Feral cats are different from stray, abandoned cats. Stray cats are normally the end result of a persons lack of responsibility. This includes releasing a cat far from home and hoping he doesn’t find his way back. Although stray cats are timid, they easily adjust to a new owner and household. Feral cats are cats that were  born to stray cats without homes and are actually one step removed from a wild animal. Feral cats have had no human interaction and are extremely difficult to bring into a home.

Since feral cats are difficult to tame, their are few cat owners who will accept them into their homes. Many animal rescue organizations are dedicated to trapping and neutering feral cat colonies. Sometimes, these cats are trapped, are spayed and neutered then released near where they were found. Then, they maintain these colonies by feeding and caring for the members. Feral felines are everywhere. You can find them in rural or farming areas, deserted buildings and alleys and in the rear of shopping malls. You may see them, but you would not be able to catch them. They have had no contact with humans so they will run immediately if approached by a human. If you have seen these poor animals, you might wonder if they you could provide one of them with a home.

Taming a feral cat can be difficult because they are not accustomed to us. Still, some feral cats are more likely to accept help from us than others. Cats that have been feral for several years are nearly impossible to socialize. Having no human contact at all, these cats are extremely independent and would never accept food or friendship from us. Some of these animals are semi-feral and have had some limited human contact. They are still difficult to tame however. Some feral cats were once domesticated, and they probably began life as a pet but were abandoned at an early age. These cats may possibly react well to a loving and caring owner. If you try to tame a feral cat, remember that it is extremely difficult to gain their trust. Often, your efforts will not pay off for months, especially with older animals. If are successful, the rewards are worth it since a strong bond between you and the will occur and you will be rewarded with an amazing amount of loyalty and love.

If you successfully catch a feral cat, you should take it to the veterinarian to be spayed or neutered and access it’s overall health. Keep the cat in a small area, where it does not feel overwhelmed. You must spend sufficient time with the cat if it is to adjust to it’s new surroundings.

Bear in mind, not all feral can adjust to the social environment of a human home, nevertheless, with much love and perseverance, your effort and time could be worthwhile, and even if you fail and the poor animal only accepts food and care from you without returning affection, you have still added years to his lifetime and given him a gift that few of us are able to.