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The Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat has wild origins. The Bengal was produced by crossing the Asian Leopard Cat, which is a little wildcat, with breeds of domestic short haired pet cats. The name Bengal comes from the Asian Leopard Cats. The Latin name, Felis bengalensis is the source of the Bengal’s name.

It took the initial breeder Jean Mill, a number of generations to produce a these cats with predictable temperaments that domestic cats require. The Bengal was presented by Mill in the early 1980’s and her new breed created a lot of controversy.  There was much debate over this new breed of cat. Some felt it was reckless to cross wild pet cats with domestics given that many wildcats are very aggressive. Most people, nevertheless, were extremely taken with this stunning new breed of pet cats. The Bengal quickly caught on and many breeders began following her lead.

The modern-day Bengal is an extremely gorgeous cat with a caring personality and amazing energy. Bengals are extremely affectionate and bond closely with their owners and will be a close friend throughout their entire lives. Bengal cats will climb and jump whenever an opportunity presents itself. They love heights and will often be on top of dressers, tables and bookcases. It is not uncommon to see one jump across a room from one piece of furniture to another. They curious animals and will steal and hide things from any drawer they find open and sometimes will even open a drawer themselves. Bengals are lively their entire lives and will pounce an anything that moves. From their Asian forefathers, these pet cats inherited a love of water. Some will even join you for a swim in your swimming pool or hot tub.

These extremely uncommon pet cats are not everyone’s’ cup of tea. Give these really different cats a close look. Their distinct looks and lively personality make a great pet when you are trying to find in a brand-new companion.