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That Angry Cat

Are you a cat owner? If so, your cat might usually appear to be really calm and friendly. Numerous cats are content to relax around all day with simply a couple of hours of play mixed in to get rid of his aggression. Regardless of this, the reality is that your cat might seem calm and mild mannered, there will come a time when he turns into the original angry cat, the Tasmanian Devil, so don’t be surprised when it happens. If your cat suddenly becomes angry, you the owner might become really upset, and this reaction too, is normal. Lots of owners wish to know if their angry cat is a threat to those around him. Is he? In all sincerity,  it depends, Before deciding if you ought to contact your cat’s vet, there are a variety of important information you will first want to consider.

It is vital to understand that cats, even domestic felines, are descended from predators. The forefathers of your cat were hunters. This is not a heritage that just vanishes, in fact this early behavior of it’s ancestors is ingrained in you own house cat. Yes, your cherished pet will likewise have that need to hunt. This is among the numerous reasons why cats periodically show aggressive behavior.  The first step numerous pet owners take when confronted with this behavior is to overfeed their cat. It does not matter how well fed your cat is, he or she will occasionally need to hunt. Hasn’t your cat ever killed a rodent or other small animal? In fact, many cats bring their kill to their owners and this is really a sign of affection. As for how you can identify whether your animal cat is simply exercising his desire to hunt, his appearance while doing so is the important factor. Most cats do not show anger or displeasure while hunting, they are usually calm and focused. If they show extreme anger then maybe it is time to check his behavior out at the vet.

Cat toys are another great way to let your cat reduce his aggression. Some popular cat toys on the market are those where balls are affixed to a string and your catch chases it over and over. These toys are good, however they can also lead to some confusion, as your foot might appear to be your cat’s favorite toy and he may just rip your socks off. It is important to realize if your have actually been the cause of such an act. Pet cats, similar to numerous other animals, are territorial. This can also cause of aggression in felines. Is your cat the only animal in your home? If so, they could respond with aggression when another pet enters their area. The same can be stated for youngsters. Do you have children? If not, when a child comes into your home, your cat may be aggravated, fearful, or mad at the change, particularly around their feeding or sleeping zones. The quick movements of kids can also cause a cat to react. Typically, cats are very safe around kids, with that in mind, all children must be watched very carefully when around any kind of pet.

Now what do you do when your cat is destroying your home furnishings or rugs? I have found that the best solution is to look into cat furniture. I really recommend cat towers or cat condos as the cat can be taught to scratch these rather then your decor. It may take a some effort on your part to get him to transfer his behavior to his new play toy but it can be accomplished fairly easily. Just look around this site for more information about methods to make this happen! We also make it easy for you to  buy the best cat trees and towers available!

So your cat’s aggressive behavior is really probably nothing to worry about. Just keep an eye on his activities and you should be able to easily discern if his activities are really something to worry about!