cat trees and towers

Songmics Cat Trees and Towers

Songmic is a brand name of Wuppessen Inc., a California based import company that provides household items via direct marketing in venues such as Walmart, Amazon and Ebay. The company is growing rapidly and has many best sellers on Amazon. The Cat Trees and Towers provided on Amazon seem to be well recieved and the number of products supplied are growing steadily. They were started in 2014. The company ships products from both the endseller such as Amazon Fuillment and their own warehouses via various carriers. They are committed to customer service and say that you will recieve product in perfect condition by the fastest shipping.


User reviews of their products on Amazon seem to be very positive. This is important when buying a cat tree or tower. Cats can be rough on their toys and you want to purchase a cat tree that wears well.  Their prices seem to be in line with most other sellers!