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Selecting Your New Cat


It’s a fantastic day today! Today is the day you go out to find your new pal and  friend, your brand-new cat. However where do you go to get a cat? What will you need to look for? Exactly what are the signs to look out for? Let’s look at the steps to go through to acquire a cat that will be just the one for you. There are a multitude of locations where cats are available for the those looking for one. The neighborhood animal shelter is an excellent place to begin. They constantly have an excellent selection of young and older cats to pick from. They will have many breeds, sizes, ages, and colors to pick from and you’re sure to find a brand-new friend just waiting for you to come and get her. Farms are a great source for kittens. Farmers frequently have kittens that they would love to give up to a good home. If you want a certain breed of cat, contact a cat registry. They will have the ability to direct you to a reliable breeder in your area.

Now that you have actually spent some time and looked into the cats or kitties available, how do you choose the right one for you? Ensure the cat that you like is healthy. Clear eyes, a clean and well cared for coat and a vibrant manner are all typical indications of a healthy cat. Play with the cat. Does he or she move away when touched or does she demonstrate affection by purring and rub against you? Is she delighted to be held, or is she frantic to get away?  Does she come to you or stay as far as she can with her ears flattened against her head.You will see pretty quickly which kitten or cat will have the type of character that appeals to you. Mainly look for a healthy cat.

Look closely into your own motivation and personality. A lot of us are a sucker for cute little kittens. Keep in mind that those little balls of fluff with their sweet faces can be very difficult to raise. Make sure that you have the time and energy to deal with a dynamic kitty cat and her antics? Most of us would really be more comfortable with an older cat who is already trained to a litter boxed and has been taught some manners. A peaceful adult cat who will sit on your lap and purr while you watch your favorite program may be more your speed. Be honest with yourself, you and your new cat will be much happier if you do.

Okay, you’ve examined your motivation and the pet cats or kitties available to you. You’ve chosen and have picked her or him up. Exactly what pet supplies have you gotten Do you have everything that is required? Do you have a litter box and a good supply of cat litter? Do you have a little shovel to clean her litter box with? What about a food dish and a water bowl? Do you have good quality food for her? Is it the brand or type she is already used to? You should start with food she likes already. You new cat is in an unknown location and familiar food may help making her comfortable in her new home faster. If you want to change her food then mix her old food with the new and in the coming days she will adjust to the different type. Just keep adding less of the old with each new meal.

When getting a brand-new cat, there is so much to think about. Take your time. See that all your preparations are made correctly. You are well on your way to a delightful life both for you and your brand-new cat. Good Luck!