cat trees and towers

Photograph Your Cat

You can catch your cat in a range of intriguing and fun positions and nothing makes a better subject than your little cat. If you are interested in photographing your cat, here are some ideas to assist you get the finest shots.

Cats do sleep a lot, so if you take a picture of your cat napping, you have plenty of opportunities. You can take close-ups of your cat either when it sleeps, or you can even try to carefully wake your cat up and photograph his shocking reactions. Try to relax your little cat by petting him, or scratching his ears right before you snap an image. Many of our cats love to sleep in a sunny area near a window? When you see your cat lying getting some rays, try for a few photos. The natural light will actually help to add character to your indoor shot and cats really relax when sunning. The best pictures come from candid shots. Identify your cat’s schedule and preferred places. Knowing this will allow you to easily gather some great photographs of your little pet quickly.

Getting pictures of several cats at a time is really difficult. Try to get three or four felines to pose, it can’t be done, even though they sleep together, and play together, they can not be together for more than a few seconds before they are scattering everywhere. Cat towers, trees or condos really help for catching several cats at play because they are in a confined area and the whole cat tree fits into the frame of the camera.

Get a little help. Have another family member wiggle a string, toss a ball or call the cat’s name. Trying to have fun with your cat and take pictures at the same time is almost impossible. Use sound to help you. If you are trying to snap a portrait of your cat, get ready to shoot and call the cat’s name, or  make a sound that will prompt the cat to look toward you.

If you are a patient and use some stealth, you can get some excellent shots of your cat. Felines are so much fun to take pictures of since you never know what they will do. Keep your video or still camera handy so that you can use it when your cat does something freaky. Cat’s always amuse us, their normal activities make wonderful photos. Catching these on film or video makes a wonderful addition to any family album.