cat trees and towers

Petco Cat Trees and Towers


Petco makes great cat trees, cat towers and cat condos. Petco was started by Walter Evans in 1965. He started out by providing veterinary products by mail order to commercial kennels, catteries and groomers.  The original company name was United Pharmaceutical Company. The company became Petco in 1979 and the first Petco store was opened in 1980.  Today Petco has stores all across the United States and Petco is well known for its weekend programs which supply preventative pet health clinical services at reduced pricing to it’s customers.

Petco Cat Trees, Cat Condo’s and Cat Tower’s are priced fairly, in fact, their towers and condos are cheaper than most of the the other suppliers but their offerings are well built and deliver quality. The Petco Premium Tree Bungalow for Cats  and the  Petco Premium Tree Terrace are the main Petco offerings in cat condo’s and tower’s. Petco concentrates on providing several high quality offerings at great prices rather then a lot of it’s competitors that have to maintain many items. This results in price savings that are passed on to the customer.

So don’t hesitate to look at the cat trees, cat towers and condos from Petco. Petco is a great company and one of the best known suppliers of pet products and they wouldn’t have a store in every neighborhood if they weren’t doing everything right. Check out their offerings now!