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Naming Your Cat

Providing your new cat an ridiculous or foolish name on the spur of the moment because it sounds amusing is no means to begin a relationship. A badly selected name will never sound right and will actually be harmful in that animals respond to tone as well as words and you the owner should be comfortable when speaking your cats name. And creating a great name can be a lot of fun and there are endless possibilities for ideas. A really popular method for finding an excellent name is to research the names of planets, stars or galaxies. That should give you a lot to choose from as the universe is pretty large. You can also do well naming felines by grabbing human names. Pick a funny relative and you will always be in a humorous mood when addressing your cat. Some people take this one step further and name their cats after motion picture stars or characters in a favored film or book.

Another excellent naming technique is to pick out something about their appearance and base the name on that. Numerous calico colored cats have been just called Calico. Spotted cats of any color frequently have the name of Patch. One cat was called Shadow since her tan and black tiger stripes appeared to melt into the late afternoon shadows the first time her new owner saw her. A gray kitten was rather appropriately named Ash.

Occasionally it is something the cat did that resulted in their name. How about the poor little kitten that got stuck in a tree and grasped a branch crying at the top of his lungs while the mother hurried about trying to figure out how to get him down. Since the little one frightened everyone, he ended up named Spook. In some cases it is the felines’ personality that suggests a name. A fearless little explorer who was the first kitty in his litter to step outside and explore the world outside the nest was called Columbus.

Naming a cat can be a enjoyable and entertaining task. A great name will set your new relationship off well and it will hopefully continue throughout his lifetime.