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My Cat Has Fleas


Not much is worse then being in a house with a pet that is suffering from a flea problem. If you don’t realize that your cat is infested and you don’t treat the problem, you will rapidly find that your entire home is full of fleas, and that you are scratching as much as your animal. Try to take action to eliminate fleas before they have taken over your living quarters.

Flea prevention medications are the best way to make sure that your pet and home remain free of fleas. There are many easily applied medications that are readily available which prevent fleas from existing on your cat. Most of the products are very effective if the cat owner reads the instructions carefully and follows them properly.
Many pet owners rely on a flea collar to combat flea infestation. A flea collar worn by your cat neck will avoid fleas on your animal as long as your cat keeps it on. If you utilize a flea collar, make certain that the collar is loose enough that your cat has no problem breathing and eating but not so loose that your cat is in danger of getting the collar caught on anything while it is playing, either inside or out.

Periodically examine your cat’s coat and if you find fleas, you may want to give your cat a flea bath. Look for a flea shampoo that is not too strong but is effective, you don’t want to use a solution that is so strong that hurts your little kitty. Look for product reviews online for information, forums are great sources of great information about pet care. If you are unable to find a mild flea shampoo that you are certain won’t irritate your cat’s skin or strip its hair of its natural oils, try  a hair shampoo that is made for babies. The kitchen sink is a terrific place to give your cat a flea bath, since you can stand up while you are washing your cat in the water. Kitchen sinks are normally much deeper then bathroom sinks and will keep splashing to a minimum.  Have a lot of towels available , both to dry your newly disinfected pet, and to clean the area after you are finished. If your cat tries to bite and scratch when it’s put into water, you might need a pair of thick, rubber gloves that will protect you. If you do get bitten by your cat while giving it a flea bath have the bite checked by a doctor immediately, as cat bites can get infected really quickly.

After your cat is clean and free of fleas, make sure to take the time to pet it and brush its freshly cleaned coat. Let your cat know that you he or she is a really good kitty for putting up with this very annoying experience. Soon your little friend will forgive you for causing him so much discomfort. This might be something you want to do on a regular basis. If you start bathing your right when you bring him into your home, the cat adjust to bathing frequently and the experience will become just another routine that is no cause for concern. And fleas will never become a problem.