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Moving With Your Cat


Moving is a difficult situation which affects all member of your household, especially your pets. Prior to moving there are a variety of things that you must think about to ensure your cat’s health is not affected. Consider how a change in residence may impact your cat when moving!

When you are packing for the move, it may be a good idea to restrict your cat to a single room or to have a friend watch your cat for the day. Movers are usually carrying extremely heavy items, like fridges and sofas, so they shouldn’t have to watch where they step. Your curious kitty may also climb into the moving van or open boxes and get lost! If your cat is an indoor cat, open doors are also a worry, because it is easy for an animal to bolt out the door and searching for your pet while in the middle of the confusion of the move will be a major disaster.

About a month prior to you move, have your cat wear a collar continuously, even if you do not typically keep a collar on your cat. All the contact details ought to be upgraded and the tags should show your new address. When cats are confused, they often run, and a lost cat in a brand-new neighborhood might not be able to find her way home very easily. If your cat requires certain medications, this can be extremely dangerous. By having your pet wear a collar at all times, at least till he or she gets adjusted to the location, you can see to it that your cat may be found if lost.

During the move make sure to have a safe place for your cat to stay. A cat carrier that is well ventilated is a requirement, and if the trip will be more than a couple of hours long, you’ll should also bring food, water, and litter box along. Remember, that if the move is far away from your old locations that you’ll need to find a vet in your new area. This should be a top priority for you request that your current vet transfer your cat’s medical records to your new one.

When moving, call your veterinarian for tips on how to help your pet cat adjust to his new location and routines.