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Keep Your Cat Safe

Your animal is valuable, just like one of your own family members. This is why you need to really practice animal safety in your own home.

The primary reasons that cats or dogs get hurt is that escape from their normal environment and are unable to cope with new situations. This is why you must keep the doors of your house,your windows and the gates to your yard closed. Use a leash if you want to take out your indoor pet. See to it that there are no holes or spaces in your fences, otherwise your pet can escape and reach the street. Make sure that products like fertilizers, chemicals and other harmful products are not placed within reach of your pet.

Security alone is not enough to keep your pet healthy. You should monitor your pet closely, and keep it away from strange animals. Disease is easily spread to your domestic pet from other outdoor animals. It’s vital that you speak to your veterinarian when your animal is ill. Keep your pets clean, and make sure to give them a bath at least twice every month. Treat your animal like an appreciated and valued family member. Instruct your children exactly how to take care of your pet, and do not leave a young kid alone with a new pet.

Routine examination of your pet’s collar is necessary for keeping your pet safe. Pets outgrow their collars quickly so examine the collar on a regular basis. Adjust it so it fits your pet correctly. Put an identification tag on the collar of your pet, which help get him or her returned in the event that they get lost.

Cats love to play with string. It appears to be a wonderful and inexpensive toy? Actually string can really pose a health threat to your pet cat.  If left unattended, pet cats may eat the string, and this can produce a serious health risk. If the string is still protruding from the mouth, never pull it out. If you pull the string, it might cut the intestinal wall, and this could result in peritonitis. Take your pet to a vet immediately if he has fouled up his digestive system from a bit of string.

Some people think that pets should be kept out of doors and not inside the house. This can be real problem for some animals, the outdoors hosts a myriad of danger areas. There are many dangers outside particularly for pets. Felines are better off inside your home then outside. Felines like to protect a selected area and will pick a fight with another who enters his zone. When outside, cats are also prone to be the target of other predators and can easily pick up parasites. Animals should not stay cooped up all the time. They need a daily amount of exercise to have a healthy life.

Animal safety is important so be aware of your pets habits and behavior. There are animals that are docile, and there are others that are aggressive. Changes of behavior may signal a sign of illness.   As soon as you get a pet, remember to concentrate his or her safety, keeping your pet safe is your responsibility.