cat trees and towers

Katris Modular Cat Trees and Towers

Katris makes an innovative cat tree that is modular. They have added a whole new dimension to a product that has not changed much since its inception. Katris is based in Silicon Valley and is composed of a group of people who specialize in design and packaging. They pride themselves on their use of compressed paper to implement much of their designs. They prefer this material because it is eco friendly as it can be reused and recycled. They pride themselves on being pet lovers and even give the credit to the compainies orgin to their pet cat Ceo.

Katris supports anti-declawing and organizations such as the Paw Project. They have donated Cat Trees to local animal shelters.

Their website is located at and I found it to be really amazing with respect to their goals and acheivements. Check it out and their products which you can find right here!