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Giving Your Cat A Pill

Your cat is sick, you go to the vet and he prescribes medicine in the form of a pill. Great my cat is back on his way to good health, but how do I get him to take the pill? Getting your little cat to take a pill can be extremely challenging.  Many times pet owners think that their cat has eaten a one, but they later discover it on the floor next to the food bowl! Read on to learn how to ensure that your pet cat is actually taking his or her medicine.

Bear in mind, no matter how old your cat gets, you’ll never ever have the ability to explain to him or her that eating that little tablet is the first step to feeling better. Therefore, you should teach your cat to be nonresistant to  things that look like a pill! Little cat treats that you purchase are actually similar in size to a pill and can be given to your cat regularly to get him or her used to taking them, then if your cat ever requires medicine in this form, she or he will not be resistant. When administering the real medicine, give your cat the pill, then immediately give him or her the pill-shaped treat.

You can still get small pills into your cat even if your cat has not had them before. If they do not know what they are, the majority of cats will not resist them initially. Beginning with little pieces of cat chocolate is a starting place. You can feed the cat a few of these and then the give him the real medication.

Try hiding the pill so that the animal ingests it without recognizing exactly what he or she is eating. Bury your cat’s pill into a chocolate treat that is specially made for a cat. Real chocolate is bad for cats so make sure that you use some that is safe for your pet, or speak with your veterinarian about other suitable treats to bury the the pill in. Some people coat the pill in butter. Be sure that your cat can have the tablet with food, because in some cases, your cat must take the medication on an prior to eating.

If your cat still won’t ingest the pill, you can try pressing the tablet into his or her mouth. This may appear a bit cruel, but if your pet requires the medication, it may be the very best option. You can buy a mechanical device to assist you, but it is typically easier if you do it by hand. Your vet can demonstrate ways to do this without getting bitten or scratched. You may have to lightly stroke the cat’s throat and put some water into the cat’s mouth to make him or her swallow it. Pills and medicine are extremely important to your animal, so see to it that your animal is really consuming them when they are required.