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Giving Your Cat A Bath

Felines usually do not need assistance getting and keeping clean. They are fastidious about their cleanliness and spend much of their day sprucing up and preening. Cats know from a really young age to stay clean, as the mother cat always teaches their young the art of bathing. Cat owners seldom have to give their felines a bath, nonetheless, there are some situations where you might find it is time to bathe kitty. Sometimes a cat has gotten really dirty and he requires a little additional assistance. If your cat is affected with skin allergies or has a flea invasion, you may be required to bathe your cat. Sick older cats may have a difficult time keeping clean, too. You will discover that your cat probably resists getting a bath, however you can do it if you are have the right materials,the right place and the right attitude.

The finest place to bathe your cat is in a little, enclosed space. This will help him or her feel safer throughout the process. Working in tight quarters may strain your back but really will make your cat feel comfortable.

Make sure that you have everything you need on hand prior to beginning. It will be really difficult to stop what your are doing if you need to get a towel and or hair shampoo when you are dealing with a struggling cat. Make sure to have a bunch of old towels, mild, non-irritating hair shampoo such as for infants, and a large cup for rinsing your cat. A large plastic piece of Tupperware cat make a great tub. You might even think about making use of a turkey-basting tool to spray under the chin, around the neck and in between the legs. In addition, if your cat’s fur is matted, you might want to think about cutting cutting out the clumped fur before starting.

You will want to prepare the bath when you have actually gotten all your materials together. Lukewarm water works works the best and should be about the temperature level you would utilize to bathe an infant.  Fill the tub. When you bath your cat you do not need a lot of water. Prior to starting, put a folded towel in the tub before adding the water. This will prevent him from sliding around while you are bathing him.

Now you have to pick up your cat and place him or her into the water. This sounds simpler than it is. Some felines may really put up a struggle, it depends on your cat’s personality. Lower your cat into the tub, slowly, do this by placing one hand under the cat’s belly and one hand carefully on the cat’s back. Lower the cat starting with its hind legs into the water. If your cat is struggling, you might wrap a towel around him to prevent getting scratched. The cat’s reaction to all this is always different. Some will sit there silently and let you do the work. Others will be terrified and will attempt to tear away from you. One thing is certain and that is that you will get wet, and remember to hold the cat’s body close to yours so that he feels safe. Never raise your voice or move too quick, as this can send your cat into a frenzy.

After your cat is in the water, you can begin to bathe him. Be careful not to get water or hair shampoo in your cat’s eyes or ears. You can use vegetable oil if you need to eliminate sticky elements from your cat’s fur.

With a lot of luck the whole operation will not be too much of a disaster and you will have a sparkling clean kitty!

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