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Getting Another Cat Avoid Cat Fights


I have five cats and I can’t imagine that living without them. They bring such joy to our household and we have actually all adjusted well to dealing with each other. For those that enjoy felines, it seems that one becomes two, and two becomes even more. Instead of having just one cat to call your very own, you have several. This is a great thing not only for the cat owner, but also for the cats. Pet cats companionship and outside of an occasional disagreement, they live very well together.

If you are absent from your home for long periods during the day, your cat will like having another cat or two around. Older cats will suddenly come alive when a new friend is added to the household. If you opt for a kitten, you will have to start with training all over once again. You’ll should  consider the added expense of vet costs and vaccinations. If you choose an older cat, this too can be difficult because the cat will have to adapt to the new environment and he may come with behavioral or health related issues. When bringing the new cat to into your house, you do not have to pick a cat that is the same breed as the one that you have. All pet cats have similar characteristics and although they have differences, cats normally get along well with each other.

Set up a private location for the new cat prior to bringing him into your household. If you permit him to stay in his own area until he adjusts, he will acclimate to home faster. Give him several days in his private area before you introduce him to the rest of your household. This will improve his attitude and make it easier for him to adjust to your other pets.

You’ll want to let your other cats have some time to adjust to having another cat in the house. This might take a while. For a smooth transition, make sure that you provide a separate litter box for your new one, and give him or her their own feeding area and some toys. There are health reasons that should be considered. Make sure that your new pet has been checked by your vet since a lot of cat health issues are transmittable to your other pets. And watch out for toilet accidents, cats who are required to share a litter box may actually start to have accidents if they are not provided with their own private litter box.

There are many reasons to have more than one cat. It is good for the cat and watching them interact with each other is an amazing experience for the owner.