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Getting a Cat Try an Animal Rescue Group


Animal rescue groups offer you a great place to get your next pet cat. These rescue groups rely on volunteers and donations to care for homeless pets. They perform a wonderful and are organizations that all pet owners should be familiar with.

When you begin searching for a rescue group to work with, you will discover that the majority of these groups depend on volunteers and support from the local volunteers to operate. You will also discover that they offer a broad variety of animals to qualified homes. You will find cats, dogs, and other animals of varying ages that are available for adoption. You will be amazed to find that even exotic pets are offered for adoption. Many of these animals have had extremely difficult lives. Owners have actually given up many of the animals that these groups support and the reasons can be that the owners are moving or that they can no longer care for the animals. In addition, some of these groups take in animals that are due to be euthanized in government pet agencies or even strays from the streets.

These shelters carefully evaluate prospective animal owners. If you select an animal from a pet rescue group, you will be asked to sign a contract stating that you agree to provide long term care for the animal. You will also be asked about your home, your children and any other pets you may own.

You are doing the community a service when you acquire your pets from an animal rescue company. Many of these animals make wonderful pets. These rescue organizations are easy to find as they exist in most areas. Your vet can give you the contact information for shelters near you. The majority of the time, these animals are kept in homes of their volunteers until they transition. This means that the animal has had time to interact socially with other pets and kids, and is existing in a domestic situation. Sometimes, animal rescue groups will supply their animals to pet shops or other places where interested people will have the opportunity to see some of these wonderful creatures.

When you begin the process of using a rescue program to acquire your new cat, be prepared to go to at least one meeting and an application procedure. The organization needs to know that these animals will be well taken care of for their lifetime. You will have to supply information about other pets you have, the age of your children, the size of your yard and maybe even your thoughts on declawing if you are looking at a cat. This is all done to successfully match the right animal with the right owner. Costs vary but you will probably pay a hundred to two hundred dollars for one of these animals. These groups are totally non-profit. Your cost covers the expense incurred by the shelter while caring for the animal. The adoption charge usually covers vaccinations, medical examinations, cleaning, and neutering. The cost is small with respect to the care that is provided.

Getting your next pet through an animal rescue organization is a wonderful opportunity for you to not only find that perfect pet, but to help an animal that needs it. There is no better way to do something wonderful for yourself, your community, and above all, your new pet!