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Declawing Cats

Don’t do it!

Declawing is a significant surgical procedure whose correct name is onychectomy. It is carried out under anesthesia, and the surgery removes the top of each digit (from the first knuckle) of the cat’s fore paws. There is a slight chance of death in the surgical treatment, and a declawed cat will have an enhanced threat of infection and life-long pain in its paws. This surgery is not suggested for an adult animal and is considered an act of animal cruelty in some areas of the word. The main reason that people have their cat declawed is to protect their furniture or carpets and almost never done because a cat has a bad temperament. Apartment dwellers are sometimes required to have a cat declawed as a condition of residency.

Vets are generally against the procedure and many refuse to do it due to the fact that the absence of claws in a cat deprives it of its major defenses against predators. Cats often climb trees to escape danger and a declawed cat will not be able to.  Declawing also makes it difficult for a cat to stretch which may result in  muscle atrophy. A declawed cat will not have the balance of one with claws, the cat can fall while walking on narrow, high objects and be hurt. Declawing can also result in insecurity and a major tendency to bite when annoyed.  This operation is not performed in Europe and is forbidden in many countries by animal cruelty laws. Animal shelters have found that it is very difficult to place felines that have been declawed and consequently the majority of them are euthanized.

An alternative to the declawing surgery is the attachment of nail coverings that are glued to the claws, however, the cat will still experience troubles due to the fact that the capped nails are not as efficient as claws so this is not really a viable consideration.

So look at our  Cat Trees and Towers. These are a much better solution than declawing your cat. Why take a chance on your precious cat being hurt when their are other alternatives available which will protect your furniture and rugs.