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Cat Stops Using His Litter Box

There is probably absolutely nothing more frustrating to a cat owner than cats that don’t use their litter box. In reality, these accidents are the primary reason cat owners give up on their pet and send their cats to animal shelters. When your cat doesn’t use the litter box, there is normally a good reason. Before you become annoyed by your cat’s failure to make it to the litter box, see if the problem is your fault.

The primary reason a cat doesn’t use his litter box is because it is dirty. Some pet cats are exceptionally picky about the condition of their litter box, while others will use it no matter how full or dirty it is. If your cat is not using his litter box see if there is an obvious solution. Some pets want their litter box cleaned after each use. While this is time consuming for you, it could be an easy fix to your cat’s bathroom problems. This is the first step to take.

If you own several cats, it is possible that there are not sufficient litter boxes for the number of pet cats you have. If you have four cats in your house, then you ought to have at least one litter box for every two cats. This is a a minimum requirement, you may need more. Yes, I will say it again, if you own four cats, you need at least two litter boxes.

Next look at the type of litter you are using and the size and shape of the litter box. Would your cat feel more protected in a box that is enclosed if you currently have an open tray litter box. If you have an older cat, or a young kitty cat, you cat might have a difficult time entering and exiting an enclosed box. Watch your cat carefully when she or he uses the litter box. If your pet is having a difficult time getting in and out of it, think about getting a shallower box. What about the litter you use. Your cat might be extremely fussy about the odor or texture of the litter. Many owners prefer the scoop away litter for economic reasons, nevertheless, many felines will not use this type of litter, since it sticks to their paws. Possibly, the litter you use is very dusty and  disagreeable to your cat.

Your cat might be refusing to utilize the litter box, because he is sick. If you have tried all the above suggestions and absolutely nothing appears to be working, then it is time to visit your vet. Felines that have health issues like a urinary tract infections, diabetes or kidney failure are more likely to have accidents than a well cat. You should visit the vet and have a full health examination done to make sure that your little cat is healthy. Your vet may recommend medicine to help your cat in this situation.

If your cat has actually been ill or has stopped using the litter box for any of the above reasons, you might find that your cat still is refusing to use the litter box, even if you have actually corrected the original problem. This is what actually confuses many owners. When your cat has a litter box accident, it is crucial that you clean the fouled area completely to get rid of any odors that remain. Additionally, your cat may have had a problem with his box and is now marking a new area. In this case you have to just keep cleaning each accident thoroughly and place your cat in the box. Eventually the cat will go back to using his litter box.

When you determine why your cat is having litter box accidents, you will usually be able to find a solution. It takes some time and effort,however, this is a lot more preferable than giving away your cat, a solution that real pet lovers would never consider.