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Cat Collars


An outdoor cat needs a cat collar and it should contain the owners contact information. It lets people know that the cat has a home, and if your cat wanders off and gets lost then the contact information on the collar will help you to find your cat if he or she can’t find their own way home. Getting a collar for your cat is a given, selecting what cat collar to purchase can be challenging. You can buy a flea collar, an elasticated collar, or a buckled collar.  These are all inexpensive hence there are unlimited offerings available.

I have found that flea collars help controlling fleas, however you have to pay attention to getting one that fits your cat. When buying a cat collar, fit is the most essential factor to consider. If the collar is too tight it can cut off either the cat’s air or blood supply. If it’s too loose the collar can get caught on branches or fences when your cat is out roaming, and a caught may strangle your little cat. Felines have a way of getting out of any collar that’s too loose. For kitties and cats that are still growing, you’ll want a flexible collar which stretches, but make certain you examine the fit of the collar regularly.

Collars fasten around the cat’s neck in several different ways. You have the traditional buckle fastener which is easy to put on and take off but the buckle may break after a while. You may also get a stretch collar which slides over the cat’s head. This is a more secure fastening but it’s also more difficult to keep on, especially if your cat does not like to wear a collar. Some cat collars come with a breakaway feature. If the cat snags the collar this will allow him or her to break free as the collar is designed to break if a cat becomes caught on some object. Even though this type may be pulled off, the breakaway feature will prevent your cat from choking.

A reflective strip on the cat collar can be valuable for a cat out at night, especially in areas that have a lot of automobile traffic. The number one killer of cats are cars, so give the motorist every chance to see your cat, particularly if your cat’s coat is dark.

Many people purchase a collar which have small bells. This is done to scare away small animals when your cat is out hunting. This will prevent your cat from bringing home little mice or birds as a present, especially ones that are still alive. These noise makers are actually inefficient and it is really better to remove them as they are just something else to get caught in bushes or fences.

If you have an indoor cat that sometimes likes to escape for some outside air, think about buying a cat collar and attach a leash. You can walk your cat however it will take some time, practice and a lot of patience.

A collar is a necessity and every cat should wear one. Take the trouble to get one for your cat because you do not want him ending up in a shelter without something to identify his owner and address.