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Cat Carrier


If you travel with your pet cat, owning a good cat carrier is a matter of safety for both you and your cat. Imagine if you were driving and your cat unexpectedly jumped over you, or it got caught beneath your foot and the brake pedal, either could cause a significant accident. All pets occasionally need to see a vet and it is always safer to use a cat carrier when traveling with your pet. They also serve the purpose of keeping your cat safe while being in a waiting room at the vets. Other pets will be in the office and being near strange animals may freak out your pet cat. He will be much more secure in a protected area.

When selecting a cat carrier you will discover there are hundreds to choose from. Remember that the cat carrier is seldom used so get one that stores easily. When choosing a cat carrier, keep in mind that it needs to be both safe and comfortable for your cat, it must have adequate space for your cat to have some flexibility of movement, and your cat must have the ability to both stand and turn around inside the caged area. Sufficient ventilation is also needed and the cat should be able to see outside the carrier to minimize his or her anxiety from being caged.

Put a blanket inside the carrier, if your cat has its own blanket then that is ideal as the cat will be able to recognize his own scent, and this will make your cat feel a little more comfortable. The first time you use your cat carrier put some newspaper inside in case your cat has an accident.

It can be difficult getting a full grown adult cat into the carrier so try placing some food or treats inside. If that doesn’t work, you will have to catch him and force him in. The first time will be pretty easy but after that your cat will see the carrier and realize that he will be put in it and will be difficult to catch. It is better to hold him or her and then have another family member take the carrier out.

A cat carrier is a must have for a cat owner. It should be one of your first purchases and really is one of your most important.