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Cat Breeds

Do you want a cat, but have heard that some breeds make better pets than others? There are plenty of ways to find information all about pet cats and the characteristics of the different breeds. Let’s take a look at a couple of types of felines and their qualities so that you can apply similar information to the breed you are considering.

The Siamese cat can be an unpredictable animal. They frequently require a lot of attention and they will force this need upon you. They are among the smartest of all cats.

The Persian cat has been around forever. They are long haired cats with gleaming coats. They are extremely well mannered and friendly, but,and this may be a show stopper, they are vulnerable to health issues. The Persian is not that playful, however they will enjoy a bit of fun especially in a social surrounding. They enjoy playing with other cats and they are affectionate when they want to be. Persians exist in a wide variety of colors from dark black, snow white or a beautiful mixture of white and browns. One popular Persian cat is the Himalayan variety.

The Manx has a stubby tail or even no tail. This can be a major problem as the tail protects a cat from parasites. If you are willing to deal with these types of problems, you will love the spirit and intelligence of the Manx. They have similar qualities of a dog in that they will fetch an object and exist to please their owner. They are quite social and depend entirely on human care and affection. They won’t like to be left alone for too long, so it is smart to have other pet cats for them to play with if you are at work during the day. The very best house for a Manx is one filled with children.

These are just several of the more popular breeds. There are so many cat breeds to pick from and finding the one to fit your way of life is very important. Cats are smart and really social animals, however some breeds can be loners. Frequently, a cat will only socialize in certain ways at specific times. Keep in mind that you do not own a cat it owns you.