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Bring Your Cat to the Vet

When caring for a pet, the most important step is to make sure that it is healthy, this is your primary responsibility. When you have a cat, this is essential. You must be alert to changes in your cat’s behavior due to the fact that an animal can not tell you when something is wrong. Knowing when to call your veterinarian is extremely important, but it can be difficult to determine if something is going wrong with respect to the health of your cat.

Be familiar with your cat’s everyday routines. What are his everyday eating and toilet habits? Some felines eat their whole meal in one sitting, while others nibble on their food throughout the day. If your cat’s eating habits change this may signify a health problem. Know your cat’s toilet habits, watch the litter box, loose or wet stools, irregularity, and difficulties while urinating are all causes for concern. Every cat is different, so be aware of any changes in order to know when something is wrong with your cat.

Your cat’s everyday activities are also usually rather routine. You might have cause for concern if your cat is always playing and then all of a sudden appears less active. As a cat ages, he will become less active and this is very normal, and some cats are naturally not as energetic as others. Become concerned if your cat’s routine changes over a short period of time and call your veterinarian. Is your pet having trouble walking or running, this could be the result of arthritis or an injury and may require a trip to the vet. Know your pet’s grooming habits. Cat’s are normally fastidious about their appearance by nature, so their coat should be clean and well cared for. Also watch for over-grooming, as this may likewise be harmful to your cat’s health.

You have to know when an emergency situation exists. If you are concerned about changes in your cats behavior, call your vet for an appointment or take your cat straight to the vet’s office. If your cat is acting strangely or has abrasions on his body, even if he is not bleeding, you should still have him or her examined by your vet, as internal injuries could be an issue. It should be considered an emergency if your cat unexpectedly has a severe change in routine or his habits. If your cat suddenly begins throwing up frequently, he or she could have been poisoned, which can be fatal.

The important thing is to always be vigilant, notice changes in routines or habits and go to the vet if you have any doubt about your cat’s health. Regular visits to the vet is the best way to keep your cat happy and healthy . Being the owner of an animal, makes it your duty to provide care as required, and its better to err on the side of caution.